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Jaguar has built some of the world’s most iconic cars: the XK120, unveiled at the end of the 1940s, was a sensation right from the beginning and the most elegant sports car of its time. Its successors, the C-Type and D-Type racing cars, dominated the motor races of the 1950s. The E-Type, launched in the swinging ‘60s, was described as the most beautiful car of all time and influenced a whole generation.

It is the sports cars that have always distinguished the Jaguar brand. The new JAGAUR F-TYPE picks up this impressive pedigree of sports cars after 50 years of absence and the cat is back in the spotlight of the sportscar market.

Jaguar – the English heritage brand with its elegant big-cat badge – has in recent years modernized its entire range, whilst still incorporating all the qualities that constitute a beautiful and fast Jaguar. The Jaguar models currently include the sports cars F-TYPE coupé and F-TYPE convertible , the luxury sedan XJ as well as the sporty XF available in two models, saloon and sportbrake. All models are available with all-wheel drive option. The new mid-size sedan XE will arrive next summer and complement the current Jaguar model line.

Martel AG St. Gallen

The Martel wine store is a family business - independent in every aspect - with 45 employees. Since 1876 Martel captures the market with its qualified team and independent as well as unique assortment.


Wherever you go, it’s always nice to see something you recognise; the green bottle, the red star and the smiling ‘e’, telling you instantly what’s inside: cold, fresh, quality Heineken enjoyed around the world since 1873.

Emil Frey Classics AG

Your classic car competence center with a comprehensive service for your classic car: classic car trade, maintenance and restorations, vehicle warehousing and transport & logistics.


The oil for your classic car. Better motor protection, less oil consumption, higher oil pressure, less leakage.


Larusmiani is the oldest luxury clothing, accessories and bespoke tailoring brand on via montenapoleone, heart of the milanese fashion district and authentic emblem of the Italian style.


Since 1868, the Swiss watch manufacturers have been creating masterpieces of haute horlogerie that combine precision engineering with exclusive design.

St. Moritz

Supports the British Classic Car Meeting as a sponsor. St. Moritz provides vital assistance, personnel resources and facilities for holding the BCCM event.