Entry deadline and terms of payment

The registration for the BCCM 2019 is closed. Late Registrations are still possible.

Entry deadline

The online registration has to be completed by March 31, 2019. At that time, the registration will be closed and no more changes to your entry form can be made. After the entry deadline, the organiser will send a provisional confirmation of participation by e-mail.

Registration for the 26th BCCM St. Moritz is closed. In exceptional cases Late Registrations can nevertheless be accepted. Please contact us via e-mail: info@bccm-stmoritz.ch.

Once the payment from the participant to the organiser for the event package has been received, the final confirmation of participation will be issued (via bank transfer, see terms of payment). Payments prior to the registration have no influence on the selection of participants.

Completing the registration process does not automatically qualify for participation. The final selection of the cars is made by the organising committee after the entry deadline. Incomplete registrations cannot be accepted – they will not be processed. 

Terms of payment

Payment of the event package is due 10 days after receiving the provisional confirmation of participation (sent by e-mail). Please initiate your payment only after receiving the provisional confirmation of participation. Payments prior to receiving the provisional confirmation have no influence on the selection of participants.

Payment can be done by bank transfer or online banking to our account at the Graubündner Kantonalbank. The detailed payment information will be sent together with the provisional confirmation of participation. On failure to pay by the due date, the organiser reserves the right to automatically disqualify the participant.

Annulation policy
Following conditions apply: 

  • In case of cancellation until April 28th 2019, a processing fee of CHF 250.- per participating car will be charged.
  • In case of cancellation from May 1st 2019 until 14 days before the event (Friday, June 21st 2019), half of the event package price will be waived.
  • In case of cancellation later than June 22nd 2019, no refund can be made.

The same cancellation policy applies for the hotel packages. Changes in reservation as well as cancellations have to be made in written form or by sending an e-mail to administration@bccm-stmoritz.ch