30th British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz 2024


Organization committee with President Peter Egli.


30th British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz


4 to 7 July 2024


Cars of all British makes up to the year 1980 are eligible to enter the British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz. Newer vehicles with special features that enrich the field of BCCM participants are admitted to the «Youngtimer Class». Changes of vehicle must be reported by June 8, 2024 and approved by the OC. The OC reserves the right to exclude from the rankings any unreported change of vehicle.



Rally classification takes account of the rating coefficient. Penalty points are multiplied by the coefficient 1.x where x = year of vehicle. For example: if a car dated 1937 has collected 1000 penalty points on the way, they are multiplied by 1.37 and counted as 1370 penalty points. 1000 penalty points for a 1960 car would be multiplied by 1.60 to become 1600 points.

In addition to the regular category «Sports Classic» with cars running against the clock and ranking, it is now possible to participate in the rally in the new category «Mountain Classic» without rally-score and without ranking - rally start and finish has to be crossed within a certain time frame. Please note that the "Mountain Classic” category, done without rally classification and ranking, does not include any exams. The exams are reserved exclusively for participants of the "Sports Classic" category. Participation in the Concours d'Elégance is also compulsory for vehicles in the “Mountain Classic” category (with ranking).


The rally route of the 30th British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz can be found on the page «Rallye». Detailed information will take place with the delivery of the road book at the registration and at the Driver's Briefing.


The office for the 30th BCCM 2024 will be based in the Suvretta House offices for the entire event.


Event director: Peter Egli, OC president, rally supervisor on the route: Andrea Klainguti. Decisions taken by the Organizing Committee are final. Any protests or claims filed by participants will not be accepted. In case of a dead-heat for either class, the driver of the older car will always take precedence. Should the cars prove to be of the same year of construction, the date of first registration will apply. If both informations are equal a tie will be declared between the drivers concerned.


The road book will be handed out to participants by the organizers on July 5, 2024 during the issue of drivers' briefing.


The drivers’ briefing is mandatory. The time and place are noted in the programme.


Insurance of the vehicle and occupants as well as third-party insurance is the sole responsibility of the participant. The event is held within the framework of the Swiss Road Traffic Act. The organizers expressly reject any form of liability.


The start will take place according to the start list in order of number. Late arrivals will be penalized with 60 penalty points per minute or fraction of a minute.


Attendance in the Concours d'Elegance is mandatory for participants of all categories. The detailed jury rules will be announced in advance by the jury.

The Best Dressed Team will be chosen on the occasion of the Concours d'Elégance between 11.00 and 11.30 a.m. by a ladies’ jury. The assessment will chose the most fashionable team that presents itself to fit the time period of their vehicle. Participating teams must be present at their vehicle at the given time, so they can be assessed by the jury.


Should holding of the rally prove impossible as a result of unforeseen circumstances, it will be cancelled without replacement. Parts of the trial may be cancelled during the event. Driving in a manner with disregard to traffic regulations will be punished by disqualification.